Evaluation Criteria

The proposal will be evaluated on the following basis.

  • Is the goal of the proposal useful to developers who wish to build on UMA?

Note that this grant initiative is intended for applicants who want to support developers building on UMA. If the target audience of the outcome of your proposal is not developers, it is unlikely that the proposal will be successful.

  • Is the proposed delivery mechanism realistic?

  • Are the advantages of having this product or service significant?

  • Would the loss to UMA be significant if this proposal did not go ahead?

  • Are the proposers planning to retain some of the grant to secure the optimistic oracle?

  • Is the proposed amount of UMA under $10k dollar equivalent?

  • Is the proposed funding amount reasonable to achieve the goal?

  • Is the proposed spending reasonable to achieve the intended goal?

  • Is the timeframe reasonable to achieve the ended goal?